stop drums and hi hat from sliding or moving
stop drum slide
kickstrap to stop drum slide
KickStrap attaches to your drum pedal and prevents drum slide. Stop drums and pedals from moving. Kick Strap is the solution to stop drum creep.
stop drum slide
Kickstrap stop drum from sliding
KickStrap for hi hat


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#1 Drum Anchor - No velcro. Fits in stick bag.

Now available in RAINBOChoose from drop down menu.

Bass Drum, Auxiliary Pedals or Hi Hats: The very front of your Kick or Auxiliary pedal will either be 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch. (The part of the pedal immediately under the tongue clamp) If it's thick it's High Rise (1/2 inch) if it's thin it's Low Rise (1/4 inch). For Hi Hat stands the very front of stand is usually 1/2 inch thick and takes a high rise. After you place order you will receive an email asking which on you need.

The #1 recommended stick bag necessity. KickStrap Stops all Bass Drum, Hi Hat and Auxiliary pedal slide. Fits in your pocket!

    • Stops Bass Drum creep
    • Stops Hi-Hat creep
    • Stops any Pedal from Sliding

      The KickStrap - Stop your bass drum and hi hat from sliding or moving. Keyboard pedals, cajon slave pedals, electronic drum pedals and double bass drum pedals will stop sliding permanently. KickStrap is the definitive solution to stop your drums and pedals from sliding. Use on any surface!

      The Kick Strap is an awesome solution to stop "bass drum creep" or hi-hat creep in it's tracks. This comes with everything you need to stop your bass drum or hi-hat from sliding. Use as a backup or never haul a rug again! This is the original Kick Strap. - FREE SHIPPING!

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