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SlapStick by Slaperoo

SlapStick by Slaperoo

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NAMM Best in show! Expand your percussion.

The SlapStick™ is type of innovative electric tuned percussion instrument designed by Andy Graham.

Inventor and percussionist, Andy Graham, set out to create a new kind of musical instrument using this steel strap, but with the addition of an electric pickup and means to fine-tune the strap. The result was a prototype that eventually became the SlapStick™ S-100 PRO.

The SlapStick's strap floats just above the length of the body, allowing it to vibrate and be 'fretted' like a bass. However, rather than strumming, the strap is struck or tapped with one or two hands, or with a stick.

It was discovered later that using electronic effects with the instrument created a whole new world of sounds.

SlapStick Instructional Videos

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