1. Does KickStrap work for all drums and pedals?

KickStrap works with any auxiliary, hi hat and kick drum pedals. You will need to measure the very front of your pedal, where the tongue clamp is, and determine whether it's approximately 1/4 inch (Low Rise) or 1/2 inch (High Rise).

2. Does the KickStrap attach with Velcro?

No. The KickStrap attaches via a patented attachment plate which fits onto the front of your pedal.

3. Is KickStrap adjustable?

Yes. KickStrap is adjustable. You can sit as close or as far back as you need.

4. Why use KickStrap when I have a rug?

Many times a rug won't securely hold the bass drum, hi hat or auxiliary pedal in place. If you use Velcro on your pedals the Velcro can wear out to a point where it won't work.

5. Is KickStrap good for touring drummers?

KickStrap is perfect for touring drummers. If you haul your own set it assures no sliding no matter what the situation is at the venue. If you use back lined drum kits then KickStrap is an essential tool.

6. Does KickStrap fit into your stick bag?

KickStrap is so compact that it will even fit into your pocket.

7. Does KickStrap get in the way? Can I trip over it?

No. KickStrap lies flat on the floor and is not a tripping hazard anymore than anything else that is set up on the floor.

8. Is KickStrap easy to put on take off?

Yes. KickStrap is extremely easy to put on and take off. In a matter of 1 minute it can be attached. If you suddenly start experiencing sliding in the middle of your set it will only take a moment to attach the KickStrap.

9. Is KickStrap a good tool to have in my stick bag?

KickStrap is an essential tool for any drummers stick bag. Even if you only have to use it once during your entire career it will be worthwhile. For anyone that has experienced sliding issues they will know that this is the case.

Where can I purchase KickStrap?