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Neutron 4 Crossgrade from any paid iZotope product

Neutron 4 Crossgrade from any paid iZotope product

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This is a crossgrade from any paid iZotope product. For new Neutron 4 click here.

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Craft a professional mix efficiently with Neutron 4 by iZotope, offering a suite of eight powerful plugins driven by AI-assisted audio technology. Experience a modern, intelligent mixing workflow with features like Mix Assistant View for real-time mixing guidance, the Unmask Module for enhancing clarity, and the AI-based Target Library for matching tones. This versatile suite includes the fan-favorite Trash plugin for unique audio distortion capabilities. Seamlessly sculpt your sounds while maintaining your creative flow, and benefit from M1 Apple silicon compatibility. Neutron 4 also includes Visual Mixer, Relay, and Tonal Balance Control 2 for enhanced communication between plugins and visual monitoring during mixing.

Key Features:

- Tone matching with AI technology using the Target Library
- Create space between tracks with the Unmask Module
- Distort and manipulate sounds with Trash Mode
- Control impact with Punch Mode
- Enhanced UI design
- Sidechain metering in the Compressor Module

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