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Media Composer 1 Year Subscription (Download)

Media Composer 1 Year Subscription (Download)

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Attention: FOR NEW SUBSCRIPTION ONLY - 1 Year Subscription

Discover the versatility of Avid Media Composer, a top choice for professional video editing in broadcast and post-production settings. Unlock the potential of your storytelling with the trusted tools favored by industry-leading editors in film, television, and broadcasting. Seamlessly navigate through HD and high-resolution editing tasks with newfound speed and simplicity. The latest iteration of Media Composer boasts cutting-edge technological advancements, including expedited editing workflows, native support for up to 8K media, enhanced audio editing capabilities, improved visual feedback, and much more. Experience the full spectrum of possibilities that Media Composer has to offer.

Embrace Virtual Editing Environments For broadcasters and media enterprises alike, Media Composer now offers a "virtual" license option, allowing installation on a single server within your facility. This enables multiple editors to access the software and projects remotely via an Internet-connected computer or zero client. Not only does this streamline software deployment and upgrades, but it also offers cost and time savings on power and hardware. Additionally, it provides enhanced access flexibility and simplified centralized management of your software and systems.

Tailor Your Media Composer Experience Diversify your access to Media Composer with an array of options tailored to your needs. Opt for a subscription for the lowest entry cost, or purchase the software outright for ownership. Explore facility-wide floating licensing solutions or embrace the new "virtual" license for remote access within your facility. For those embarking on their editing journey, consider Media Composer | First, a complimentary version ideal for mastering the craft of professional editing. The choice is yours to make.

Handle High-Resolution Media Seamlessly Cater to your audience's demand for high-quality content effortlessly. With native support for various resolutions including 2K, 4K, Ultra HD, and 8K media, you can efficiently acquire, manage, edit, and deliver content. Benefit from support for popular camera codecs such as Sony XAVC-L and Panasonic AVC-LongG. Experience real-time viewing of 2K/4K media in its native resolution on client monitors, facilitated by Avid Artist I/O interfaces or compatible third-party Open I/O hardware.

Enhanced Editing Efficiency Experience a host of enhancements designed to streamline the editing process. Easily locate the original source of any sequence's title or matte key using Match Frame. Save time with new project-level mask margins and enjoy faster effects and color correction performance when handling high-res media and other processing-intensive formats. Work with RED footage at an accelerated pace and swiftly create sequences based on clip selections within the timeline.

Improved Visual Feedback During Editing Enhance editing precision and confidence with clear, high-visibility feedback displayed in real time within the timeline. Witness the impact of edits on all affected clips and tracks with live trim updates. Seamlessly add new tracks by dragging clips directly onto the timeline, empowering smoother workflow execution.

Elevated Audio Capabilities Empower your sound editing with a suite of new audio tools. Quickly identify duplicate audio clips with Audio Dupe Detection, extend audio punch-in recording, and create expansive soundtracks with up to 64 audio tracks. Utilize group creation for discrete audio mixing and automate volume adjustments with audio ducking. Enjoy greater flexibility and creative freedom by nesting multiple AudioSuite effects on a single clip.

Cutting-Edge Editing Tools Media Composer offers unparalleled versatility, accommodating various editing styles and preferences. Utilize ACE-certified editing tools to trim and manipulate content on the fly with the Smart Tool or achieve precise cuts with award-winning Avid editing tools. Seamlessly mix and match media formats, frame rates, and resolutions within the same timeline without the need for rendering. Efficiently manage and organize media assets in bins and edit high-res and HD material in real time using Avid DNxHR and DNxHD.

Unrestricted Work Environment Experience the freedom of Avid Resolution Independence, enabling seamless handling of media in any resolution. Link, consolidate, and transcode media to any raster size, from 8K to custom configurations. Automate media duplication and storage processes with Dynamic Media Folders, ensuring efficient transcoding to working editorial formats. Deliver high-resolution masters directly from Media Composer, eliminating the need for additional finishing tools.

Explore the Features of Avid Media Composer 1-Year Subscription (Download):

  • Video editing software catering to professional editors, filmmakers, and journalists
  • Unlimited project support with Custom Projects
  • Preview clips before finalization
  • Enhanced visual feedback during editing
  • Seamless handling of high-resolution media
  • Sleek interface for accelerated editing
  • Powerful performance and speed for efficient workflow execution
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