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Drum Chart Builder 1 Year Subscription

Drum Chart Builder 1 Year Subscription

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Drum Music Software Application

Drum Chart Builder 1 Year Subscription

Drum Charting Music Software Application

Setting The Standard in Drum Music


Drum Music Software Application

Build your drum charts and setlist fast for your next gig. Drum Chart Builder is an all-in-one professional application to build simple, clear, and easy one-page drum charts and setlist for gigs, sessions, and shows. Spend more time playing and making money than charting measure after measure of drum music. Works on all devices online and offline. Build charts fast on your computer then take your mobile device and go! Build and edit charts and setlist online or offline at your gig or practice when your band or artist has to change the show. Drum Chart Builder is packed with features so you can build a simple song chart in 20 minutes. 1. Add song information 2. Count out song form 3. Add 2 to 4 basic drum patterns that are used in the song and you're done! All on one page Drum Chart Builder offers: Drum Charting Service Drum Charting Lessons Start playing the song right the first time and write a simple chart. Play with confidence.

Drummers and Musicians, prepare your music for rehearsals, gigs, shows and sessions fast and easy. Build charts on a computer and take your mobile device to your gig. Drummers at all levels can create a simple song chart in 20 minutes using the drum chart template, dropdown menus and drum pattern preset library. Open an account and Drum Chart Builder automatically downloads to all your devices for offline editing and viewing. Keep your music organized and never forget a chart again. Download and discover the first drum charting software program available, Drum Chart Builder.


  • Works On All Devices And Computers.
  • Downloadable For Offline Work
  • Chart And Setlist Library Manager To Keep Organized
  • Quick Setlist Make
  • Blank Drum Chart Template
  • Preset Drum Pattern Library
  • Build Your Own Custom Drum Patterns
  • Quick Dropdown Menus
  • Create Your Own Library Of Drum Patterns
  • Customize Chart And Setlist Fonts
  • Export Charts And Setlists As Pdf's And Print
  • Step By Step Tutorial

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