Official KickStrap Endorsed Artist JOHN TEDESKI aka TEDESKIDRUMS  (formerly) of Pittsburgh, PA dual tribute The REAL BON JOURNEY the Nation’s First Dual Tribute to Bon Jovi and Journey

John Tedeski

John Tedeski has traversed most of the east coast in his 35 years as a professional drummer, having played and recorded with some heavy hitters in the music business, such as Randy Weitzel guitarist of In This Moment, Jaime St. James lead vocalist of Black ‘N Blue and Billy Morris former lead guitarist of Warrant to name a few.

Tedeski currently finds himself rebuilding and re-tooling for 2023 and beyond. Tedeski is currently playing for two main west central PA band’s FUSE and RUST while filling in for a variety of bands when needed, ranging in styles from Oldies, Classic Rock, Country Rock, Corporate Progressive Classic Rock, 80’s Hard Rock, Pop-Rock and Top 40. While not playing for audiences in the thousands as with former bands, it’s still a fun and rewarding endeavor and even more of a challenge playing for several different bands, playing with different musicians and different styles of music.

Tedeski is also branching out and starting to play on some cards in and around Nashville, TN in hopes of opening some doors for more full-time work and hopefully at the national level once again.

Tedeski is a showman in every sense of the word and prides himself on his strong meter and deep grooving pocket. There is never a dull moment once the music starts.

Tedeski is currently rebuilding his YouTube channel due to his Google login password being hacked and changed, resulting in no longer being able to access his long running channel.
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